The Limits of Incumbency

(Sorry, local politics post, non-Seattle people feel free to ignore this.)

I’m still in shock that Nickels didn’t make it through the primary. I voted for McGinn with the thought that Nickels would undoubtedly make it through the primary, and trounce McGinn in the general election. But I figured that McGinn giving Nickels heat on environment and transit issues for the next two months would be a good thing. (And maybe it would force Nickels to lay off a little on the clubs, too.)

At this point I’m obviously inclined to favor McGinn–a long-time activist with at least one clear achievement in local politics–over Mallahan–who’s not only a Johnny-come-lately to politics, but seems to have a bit of a worrisome anti-tax streak. On the other hand, Mallahan has a much more comprehensive and detailed agenda at this point, although he’s pretty fuzzy on the funding. And even on transit (McGinn’s home turf), Mallahan takes on two of my pet peeves: the money wasted on the South Lake Union Trolley, and the excessive distribution of Metro funds to the suburbs as opposed to the urban core.

So I’m looking forward to the agendas and details coming out over the next two months. But unfortunately I’m not sure that either of these guys will actually be a competent mayor.

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